Schism- Tool Tribute

Schism- Tool Tribute

Cobra Thief

Sat, December 1, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


Portland, OR

GA: $15 | $3 increase day of show

This event is 21 and over

Tickets are $15 | $3 increase day of show

To RSVP to the official Facebook event click here.

Tickets are also available by calling 800-375-7328.

Bred and spread out of Manhattan spiraling out...

National Touring artist since 2001
International since 2006

Not many cover or tribute bands out there ever attempt to engage in the raw talent, mysticism, and magic that is TOOL. But if you talk to four brave souls from New York City (Angelo Rivera- Vocals; Sean Murray- Bass; Donald Pusateri- Drums; Keith Williams- Guitar). Their love and passion for this music led them to form SCHISM. The world's first and longest touring tribute to TOOL. The ONLY Tool tribute endorsed on Tool's websites!

"We started this back in 2001, after seeing a TOOL show at Madison Square Garden. We simply loved the music and wanted to share it live with other TOOL minded fans" says SCHISM guitarist Keith Williams. "We've been a national touring act for over 15 years now. This isn't something you tap your foot to, this is more of an interactive experience for listener. These songs are compositional masterpieces, which will be studied for years. If you've never had the chance to see TOOL live, here's your local opportunity"; and truly a job well done.

We invite you of the collective unconscious, to share with us, the experience of TOOL.
Cobra Thief
Cobra Thief came together in a tiny rehearsal space in Portland Oregon on a cold January day in 2017. The immediate and long term goal is to play rock’n’roll but play it painfully loud and absolutely guilt free. Combining our collective influences, we found common ground on the rhythms of John Lee Hooker, the Marshall stack power of Blue Cheer, the magic feedback Hendrix pulled down from space and the attitude of Rob Tyner as he preached from his mighty pulpit of rock’n’roll.
Time is limited. The days are short. The people want to get down and be high. Cobra Thief is on stage motherfucker. Listen up and get right!
Venue Information:
350 West Burnside
Portland, OR, 97209
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