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Mix 104.1 Presents: “Deck The Hall Ball” feat. Jelly Roll


The Band CaminoBenson Boone

Saturday, December 9, 2023

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

Agganis Arena

Boston, MA

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Jelly Roll


Entertainment phenomenon singer/songwriter Jelly Roll independently built a remarkable career, under the radar andon his own terms. Since his days selling his mix apes out of his car, he has constantly been releasing new music,touring relentlessly, consistently topping various charts, engaging a rabid fanbase and creating videos that haveamassed more than 4 Billion views on YouTube. He pairs deeply personal lyrics with music, creating a sound that istherapeutic, raw and tackles the heaviness of life: Real Music for Real People With Real Problems. Released in June2023, his debut country project,WHITSITT CHAPEL,became the largest country debut album in BillboardConsumption chart history-earning the singer/songwriter another milestone after he topped Billboard’s EmergingArtists chart for more than 28 weeks-thelongest reign for an artist in the chart’s existence. Jelly co-wrote all 13tracks on the album, including his breakthrough viral single “Save Me”—a confessional, vulnerable expression ofself-doubt—which has earned Platinum certification from the RIAA, as well as his multi-week chart-topping single,“Need A Favor.” Born and raised in Nashville’s Antioch neighborhood, the former addict and drug dealer draws fromhis personal experiences to tell the story of a man who has been through the ringer and isn’t afraid to share his rawtruth. The 5x CMA Awards-nominated and 3x CMT Awards-winning artist has had a history-making “breakthroughyear” (American Songwriter), selling out the Ryman Auditorium as well as his hometown arena of 18,000+ fans atNashville’s Bridgestone Arena, earning two #1s at Country radio and multi-week hits at Rock simultaneously,launching a 44-date arena Background Baptism Tour, and releasing an all-access documentary of his life at homeand on the road, Jelly Roll: Save Me (Hulu)



Known for their distinct family harmony, irresistiblemelodies,andsure-fireradio favorites,including Billboard’s Most Played Country Song of 2022, “Take My Name,” Parmalee has not-so-quietly become one of the genre’s mostundeniablecontemporary country hitmakers.The group-comprised of brothers Matt Thomas (guitar/lead vocals) and Scott Thomas (drums),along with their cousin Barry Knox (bass) and life-long friend Josh McSwain (guitar)-hasaccumulated more than 1 billion on-demand streams and three No. 1 hits including theirbreakthrough hit “Carolina,” the Blanco Brown collaboration “Just The Way” and “Take MyName.” Parmalee’s current single, “Girl In Mine,” is a Top 10 hit and climbing. All but”Carolina” are on Parmalee’s new album “For You 2,” which, at 18 songs deep, is the deluxeversion of the band’s third studio project “For You,” which was released in 2021.Matt co-wrote 17 of the 18 songs on “For You 2.” After the album was initially released, thesingertook a break from writing for a few months but soon jumped back inwith the intention ofbeating songs he had already written.While Parmalee had enough tracks to complete their fourthfull-length album easily, the men decided to extend the legs on “For You” with five new songsand attract even more people to the undeniably hit-rich collection.”I’m a melody guy,” Matt says. “If I havea melody I love,I’ll start there, then work on the lyrics.These five new songs are my favorite melodies of the songs that I’ve been a part of. That’sobviously first.”Getting to this point took a near-death experience, a second mortgage, andover 20years ofgrinding it out together. The band formed in2001, worked day jobs, and toured on the weekendsuntil they signed withStoney CreekRecords in 2011–a milestone the band nearly didn’tachieve.Parmalee played a showcase in Charlotte, North Carolina,in 2007and an executive from a majorlabel came to see them perform. They went to dinner with their investor and the executive, andthough Matt had the feeling the guy wasn’t going to sign them, he asked what the label would do if they did. The executive told him he’d send the group to Atlanta to work with a producer. Mattcalled the producerthe next dayand booked studiotime in the following days. The band had foursongs they wanted to record–including “Carolina.” Members racked up an $11,000 bill in thestudio and paid with a check from their investor, which bounced. Matt was embarrassed to askanyone but his mother for financial help. She worked at the local utility company and had thelittle three-bedroom house where the Thomas brothers grew up. Without knowing “Carolina” wasin the mix or hearing a single beat of the music, she used their family home as collateral and gotthem the money to pay for their songs.”We paid her back,” Matt said. “We made sure she got paid first before any of the other bandexpenses were paid,but she believed in us enough to write a check and mortgage her housewithout hearing one song!”In September of 2010, with “Carolina” a staple in their live shows, Parmalee was playing asmany concerts as they could in preparation to come to Nashville and showcase for labels thefollowing month. One night, the band performed a set for 15 people inRock Hill, SouthCarolina, and made $15. They were traveling in an RV outfitted with bunks and parked at thevenue. Scott was in his bunk when someone knocked on the bus door. Matt opened the door andwas met with a gun to his head.”Two guys in bandanasstepped into the RV screaming, ‘Give me the cash,'” Matt said. “I said, ‘Idon’t have any cash. I don’t have any cash.'”The robber fired his gun in the RV. Matt shouted for Scott, who had his carry permit and hispistol tucked under his bunk.Scottemerged from the back to diffuse the situationand whiletaking out bothassailants, was shot three times.”So here we are at the highest point of our career, just thinking we’re going to get a record deal,”Scott said.”Then this all happens in a flash, andhe’s on the couch bleeding out,” Matt added.Scott was airlifted to a hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina, in the middle of the night andreceived two blood transfusions in transit. When his bandmates arrived at the hospital, they weretold Scott had afive percent chance of survival. The drummer was in a coma for 10 days andspent another 30 days inthehospital recovering.Five months later, he hobbled on stage to play a showcase with Parmalee forStoney CreekRecords–who signed them immediately.”That isjust part ofour story-what we’ve beenthrough and sticking it out. Same four guys, too, not nobody else in the band.”The men attribute their longevity to a decade spent playing together with no measurable success,just the love of playing music for fans. They learned who each other truly was, so they knew who they were standing beside when their dreams became reality in Nashville.The same is true when they go into the recording studio. The men trust their gut when choosingsongs and are confident what will connect with their fan base. Parmalee thought “Girl In Mine”was the fitting follow-up to “Take My Name” because the hooky,groove-filled love songis aperfect exclamation point on the affirmation every woman wants from her partner.”Boyfriend” is a catchy contemporary promise to treat his love interest better than her currentpartner.Lyrics include: “I don’t know his name or what the hell he’s waiting on, but if I was yourboyfriend, I wouldn’t be your boyfriend long.”Undoubtedly, a swoon-worthy proposal is on the way. The song continues Parmalee’s knack forrecording melodic, engaging songs that stay true to their unmistakable harmonies.”Gonna Love You” continues the story down the aisle, promising undying commitmentreminiscent of some of country music’s most celebrated love songs. The production coils andswells, adding drama and emotion to this undeniable serenade that is destined to be a staplewedding song for years to come.Parmalee tested the new songs on stage before adding them to “For You 2.” Because now, just asit was when they started performing togetherover 20 years ago, playing music is what makesthem the happiest.With determination as strong as it was when theyfirststartedplayingtogether and18 songsready to release to the world, Parmalee is poised to take the next steps in their sky-rocketingcareer. They have no regrets.”We just love to play,” Josh said. “We love to tour. We love the live connection. Our dream wasjust to play music fora living. Anything more than that is a bonus.”

The Band Camino


When you flip the right switch, darkness dissipates into light. The Band CAMINOknowwhatlever to pullin order to move you and—quitepossibly—turn your mood around. The Nashville-based trio—JefferyJordan [vocals, guitar], Spencer Stewart [vocals, guitar], and Garrison Burgess [drums]—craft guitar-driven anthemspunctuated bypop palatability and unfiltered honesty, transforming emotionalturbulence into stadium-size singalongs. Afternearing 1 billion total streams, selling out tours, andearning widespread critical acclaim from the likes ofAssociated Press,Billboard,People,Rolling Stone,and more,the group continue to captivate on their second full-lengthoffering,The Dark[DBLBLKRecords/Elektra Records].“The Darksummarizes a lot of the experiences we’ve gone through,”notes Jeffery.“There’s always goingto be dark and light. Even though a lot of our songs are sad, we get those feelings out through music—which is ultimately positive.”“We use the melodies to offset heavier subject matter,”Spencer goes on.“There are levels to feelings.When the words are sungoutloud, it’s a different energythan reading them on the page. Welike tothink we’remaking tough times easier to digest.”Thegroup havegiven listeners a lot to sing along toover the years…The Band CAMINO have perfected a patented soundacross releases such as theMy Thoughts On YouEP[2016],HeavenEP [2017],tryhardEP [2019], and self-titled debut LPThe BAND CAMINO[2021]. Amongmany fan favorites,“2 / 14”amassed 78 million Spotify streams followed by“See Through”with 52million Spotify streams and“Daphne Blue”with 45 million Spotify streams.Taylor Swift touted them onher playlist,Peoplepredicted,“There is so much in store for thisrising rock band,”andBillboardwent asfar as to christen them“Rock’s next big thing.”Beyond performances onThe Kelly Clarkson ShowandJimmy KIMMEL!Live, they’ve graced the bills of festivals such asBonnaroo,Lollapalooza,Hangout, andmanymore. Meanwhile, thethree-piecevaulted to arena status, filling venues such as The NashvilleMunicipal Auditorium.Throughout 2022, themusiciansassembled what would becomeThe Darkalongside longtimecollaborator and producer Jordan Schmidt. This time around, they made a conscious decision to cling tighter to the guitars, nodding to formative influences such as Kings Of Leon and The Killers in the studio.“We went down a rabbit hole of more synth pop elements on the last record,”recalls Garrison.“ForTheDark, we wanted to tap back into the tryhard era. We’re keeping the melodies alive, but we’re bringing some of the guitars and fat drums back into the mix. We’re staying within the realm of what we think The Band CAMINO is. It’s a culmination of the different styles of music we grew up listening to.” “We’d written tons of ballads, but we wanted to give people tunesthat would translate live,” Spencer states.“We’re learning what we like and what we are here to say.” “We’re a rock band who can play pop songs,”Jeffery declares. “In this day and age, we know it’s rare to have a massive hit with guitars on it.We just tried to figure out how to sound like The BAND CAMINO and still write big anthems that might touch the masses.” Theboysinitially teased the album with the hard-charging“Told You So,”“What Am I Missing?,”and“Last Man In The World,”gathering millions of streamsin the process.However,the funky strut of abright guitar lick sets the scene on the swaggeringsingle“SeeYou Later.”Athick bassline underlinesSpencer’sfalsetto refrainonly to give way to a warbling and wild solo.“We needed another Spencer falsetto moment,”laughs Jeffery.“It’s guitar-based and very Prince-inspired. It’s our sexy song.”Then, there’s the chantable“Save My Life.”A snappydistortedriff upliftsaglorious gang vocal to theheavens as the words ring out,“I can’t turn you down to save my life.”“We wanted to write something with a‘SuperChorus’,”Spencer continues.“It goes into this big’Save MyLife’moment where you want to raise your handslike you’re in church. We spun it into being about arelationship.”Elsewhere,“Afraid of the Dark”encapsulates a core theme ofthis body of workin the hook,“You’re thereason I’m afraid of the dark.”“It calls back to thetryhardtrack‘Haunted’,”Spencer reveals.“It’s the same energy where you’rehaunted by the ghost of someone. This person is why you have a feeling of unrest at home alone, andyouwant to leave the lights on or go out with friends.”“We took this innocent childhood fear, and we put it into the context of a relationship,”adds Jeffery.The upbeat and undeniable“Three Month Hangover”details the aftermath of a relationshipsoundtracked by an intoxicatingguitargallop.“It’s pretty autobiographical for me,”says Jeffery.“I hadjust gone through a breakup. It had been three months, and Iwas stillmessedup over it. I needed todeal with it in the song.”In the end, The Band CAMINOmight just brighten your day.“I grew up in a big family, and I didn’t always feel like I was heard or understood,”Jeffery leaves off.“Finding music made me realize I wasn’t alone. If any of these songs do that for somebody else, I’llconsider my time here well spent. Music has been there for all of us. A lot of times, I didn’t want toaddress the dark. Talking about the dark and getting it out can help a lotthough. Let’s figure it outtogether at a show.”BOILERThe Band CAMINO knowwhat lever to pull in order to move you and—quite possibly—turn your moodaround. The Nashville-based trio—Jeffery Jordan [vocals, guitar], Spencer Stewart [vocals, guitar], andGarrison Burgess [drums]—craft guitar-driven anthems punctuated by pop palatability and unfilteredhonesty, transforming emotional turbulence into stadium-size singalongs.The grouphave perfected apatented sound across releases such as theMy Thoughts On YouEP [2016],HeavenEP [2017],tryhardEP[2019], and self-titled debut LPThe BAND CAMINO[2021]. Among many fan favorites,“2 / 14”amassed78 million Spotify streams followed by“See Through”with 52 million Spotify streams and“Daphne Blue”with 45 million Spotify streams. Taylor Swift touted them on her playlist,Peoplepredicted,“There is somuch in store for this rising rock band,”andBillboardwent as far as to christen them“Rock’s next bigthing.”Beyond performances onThe Kelly Clarkson ShowandJimmy KIMMEL!Live, they’ve graced the bills of festivals such asBonnaroo,Lollapalooza,Hangout, and many more. Meanwhile, the three-piecevaulted to arena status, filling venues such as The Nashville Municipal Auditorium.After nearing 1 billion total streams, selling out tours, and earning widespread critical acclaim fromthe likes of Associated Press,Billboard,People,Rolling Stone, and more, the group continue to captivate on their second full-length offering, The Dark [DBLBLK Records/Elektra Records].

Benson Boone


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